About the Africa Law Tech Festival 2022

The increasing enactment of data privacy laws across Africa since the enactment of the GDPR in 2018 demonstrates the Brussels Effect in Africa with an increased proliferation of GDPR-like Data Protection laws and authorities in Africa. This demonstrates the Brussels Effect on digital policy. ArtificialIntelligence has seen increased adoption across Africa, with Europe in discussions for an AI Act, the ripple effect will be seen in African policy and judicial systems in the months and years to come.

As the Continent begins to form frameworks such as the Continental Data Policy Framework, the innovation policy framework and the digital economy framework; there is a need to have an audience with development agencies in Europe working together with continental bodies. There is also a need for policy makers, lawyers and startups to understand the context within which Europe makes its laws, by seeing their enabling infrastructure, tech ecosystem and policy processes to benchmark.

Why Attend the Festival?

The Africa Law Tech Festival convenes a continental tech policy platform which gives the attendees a chance to meet, interact and network with delegates and speakers from different areas of expertise. By attending this one of a kind Africa legal tech festival you will have the benefit of

  • Network with tech policy leaders, transformative governments and legal tech industry experts.
  • Gain knowledge on emerging tech policy issues and disruptive technologies in the cross-cutting justice sectors
  • Contribute in the development of tech policies and solutions by participating in the policy hackathon.
  • Collaborate with industry leaders to strengthen the cross-section of law and tech in Africa with the view of enhancing innovation and spurring economic growth .

Who Attends the Festival?

The Africa Law Tech Festival is for innovative and transformative African thought leaders who are looking to learn, contribute and shape the evolving tech, policy and innovation ecosystem in Africa and may be:

  • Policy makers (Africa Union Commission, Parliamentarians, Data protection Commissioners, Competition authorities, Communication regulators, Digital Trade and identity authorities)
  • Lawyers in Tech including in-house counsel and partners at Big Law.
  • Civil Society organisations working on Digital Rights and accessibility.
  • Tech companies including Mobile operators, fintechs, digital ID providers and startups..

Key Partners

  • Twitter
  • omidyar
  • mozilla
  • lawtech
  • Luminate
  • AFD
  • Gig
  • Koffi_foundation

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