Structure and Membership

The association activities are managed by the Lawyers Hub with the support of honorary members. The association has formulated a network of country chapters across the continent, to ensure both a high level and grassroot approach to engagement. A strong tech based virtual platform is part of the association to ensure well-coordinated activities, reporting and continuous engagement of members

The association, which already boasts rife working relationships across Africa intends to have categories of memberships based on the objectives of the association as stated, as well as the scope and scale of the association’s mandate.

Honorary Founding Member

Mozilla Foundation has strongly supported the association and has come in early as an honorary founding member of the association and will be working with the Lawyers Hub towards supporting engagements on Tech Policy across the continent.

Membership to the association is open to organizations and individuals working on the confluence between Law and Technology working within the African Continent.

Support team
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By joining the association, you become a member of the largest tech + law organization in Africa.